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Are you Living the Life you want to Live?

I hope your holidays were fabulous!

I’m checking in with my business hat on. I wanted to let you know that Isagenix is running a special through January 22nd for FREE membership. Which means you can enjoy 25% off all our products for an entire year without having to pay the $29 membership fee.

We have lots of new products including a one of a kind energy drink that actually boosts metabolism! I’m including the link so you can learn more.

A new month, a new year and a new decade is the perfect trifecta to make your lifetime health goals stick for good. If you would like to reopen your account or get started for the first time between now and Wednesday, let me know. I’d love to help you.

Sending love and hugs and cheers for your best year yet!


About Me

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite place is on a sunny beach somewhere warm where I live, with my family and my horses and my friends all nearby.  

Yes, I am loving life.  Each and every day is a gift that I accept.  MY intent is to share that gift with everyone I come in contact with.  

I am on a journey and would love to fill my traveling vessel with like minded passengers...  

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